The Municipality is quite rural. However, the Municipality has its fair share of ICT infrastructure. The major or giant telecommunication companies such as Aitel/Tigo, Vodafone, MTN etc, etc operate in the Municipality. Their operations had greatly improved communication in the Municipality.

The Ministry of Communication (MoC) in collaboration with Ghana Investment for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the BibianiAnhwiaso-Bekwai Municipal Assembly (BABDA) had established an ultra-modern ICT centre at Bibiani. The main objective is to providing affordable access to ICT and deploying ICT to the door steps of the rural and the deprived communities.

There is low investment in ICT. Though more public and private sector offices have computers; there are no computers in almost all the basic schools in the district. This problem has been compounded by the lack of electricity and ICT Teachers in these basic schools. The pupils are therefore illiterates with respect to the use of computers. There are few public places with ICT facilities for use by the people.

With the introduction of the personal modem, there are few people who have these modems and therefore have access to the internet. Majority of the people do not have access to the internet.

The implication of the low use of ICT is that with the world becoming a global village, the Municipality will not benefit fully from globalization.

The lack of access to information and knowledge will prevent the people from taking advantage of opportunities that are available in the country and beyond. This will result in under-development of the Municipality and encourage migration of the youth to the urban areas.


With the current trend of globalisation, science, technology and innovation are the driving force for any society to achieve the requisite development. The pace of development is also determined to a large extent by the level or application of science, technology and innovation in the production of goods and services.

However, the application or use of modern science, technology and innovation in the production system of the Municipality is not well developed or less and as such the Municipality still uses the rudimentary methods or technology in the exploitation of the factors of production. Therefore, the implication of science, technology and innovation on the Municipality’s overall development is that, they affect the exploitation of both natural and human resources potentials of the Municipality. This means that in order for the Municipality to realise the full benefit of its numerous resources, it must adopt and use modern science, technology and innovation to improve the living conditions of its citizens.

Date Created : 5/10/2023 12:00:00 AM