Health Facilities in the Municipality

The Municipality has 4 health institutions serving 69,186 people (GSS, 2010 PHC). Both private, mission and the public sector are involved in the provision of health care in the Municipality. The table below shows the type of facility, location and management of the facility.


Top Ten Out-Patient Morbidity (2013 and ½ year of 2014)

The top ten prevalent diseases recorded in the Municipality from 2013- 2014 ½ year are shown in the table below.



National Health Insurance Scheme

To remove the financial barrier to health services, the Government initiated the National Health Insurance Scheme to replace the Cash and Carry system where patients are required to pay for health care at the point of service. The Municipality is benefiting from the scheme. The analysis below shows the number of people who have registered with the Agogo Health insurance scheme:

The scheme has a total membership of thirty five thousand seven hundred and fifty-five (35,755) as at September, 2012.


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