Industrial activities in the District are closely linked to the agricultural sector. They mainly involve processing of agricultural produce.  As a result, more often than not, a lot of these industries in the private economy of the District are agro-based and small in size.

    Local industrial activities include brewing, shea butter extraction, smock making, weaving, etc. The size of these industries can only be explained by the lack of enough human and financial capital in the District to rise and operate industries above this level.

    These small scaled industries serve as outlets of raw materials from the agricultural sector. In addition to this, it absorb surplus labour in the District, help farm-based households to spread risks, offer more remunerative activities to supplement or replace agricultural income, offer income potential during the agricultural off-season and also provide a means to cope or survive when farming fails.



    Date Created : 1/15/2019 4:16:00 AM