icipal Introduction

This chapter presents the performance review of the implementation of the last DMTDP (2014-2017). It outlines the various activities that have been implemented and those not implemented. The review criteria sought to find out whether the activities in the action plan have been fully implemented, partially implemented, not implemented, or abandoned.


Based on the performance review, the profile of the district was updated including financial performance. The major challenges and the way forward for the current plan. Major lessons learnt have also been identified and their implication for the current plan.

The vision of the Municipality, the mission and core values has been outlined in this chapter.


The Lawra Municipal vision is to be an efficient and effective district through total harnessing of human and natural resources geared towards holistic development of the district.


The Lawra Municipal Assembly exists as a decentralized formal local authority of governance to mobilize, harness and manage both human and natural resources in the District to create an enabling environment that would lead to an Accelerated Development and Improvement in the quality of the life of the people in the District.

Core Values

The Lawra Munincipal exist on the core values of efficiency, accountability and judicious usage of both human and natural resources to the total benefit of the district and the nation at large.

Core Functions

Planning, Revenue mobilisation, promoting Local economic development, maintaining peace and security enhance good governance


Performance of the District for 2014 - 2017

Preparation of the Medium Term Development Plan started with the review of the previous plan- 2014-2017 under the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda. The review was done to ascertain the level of implementation, the challenges and the lessons learnt with implication for the current plan. The review process consisted of a desk review and a stakeholder’s validation workshop.The level of implementation of the programmes and projects captured in the MTDP (2014-2017) were considered under the following:

• Fully implemented

• Partially implemented

• On-going and

• Not implemented

The review process also looked at:

• The achievement rate of planned goals and objectives

• Reasons for non-achievement of goals and objectives

• Problems and constraints that militated against the project implementation process

• The Lessons learnt out of the process and their implication for future planning





















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