Generally, the District enjoyed relative peace and tranquility. The populaces are able to move freely to conduct their normal daily activities without any fears of security treat. However, during the latter part of 2016, the District experienced incidence of armed robbery cases on the main highways linking the district to Bibiani. The timely and rapid strategies adopted by the District Security Council (DISEC) were able to bring the situation under control. The District Assembly also supported the Security Agencies in a form fuel allocation to intensify their patrols to arrest the situation.

The district also has a long standing chief dispute. This became serious in the latter part of 2016 that forced the relocation of the district migrate court which formally was located close to the chief palace. However, the vigilant nature of the district police command has kept the matter under control.

With respect to disaster management, the District NADMO regularly organize sensitization programmes on disaster prevention and reporting systems especially on natural disasters in the disaster prone communities in the District. In as much as supporting the vulnerable and excluded, relief items were procured internally and some received from national for disaster victims in the District.

In term of security infrastructure, the District has three police stations at Nyinahin, Adiembra and Sreso-Tinpom, one District Police Headquarters at Nyinahin, one District Fire Station at Nyinahin and one District Magistrate Court at Nyinahin. In addition, the District has constructed two police posts at Tanodumase  and Mpasatia and they are yet to be deployed with personnel with District’s police-citizens ratio of 1:2,440 (52 police officers against 126, 894 people as at 2017) which far above the international standard of 1:500.

The district security situation is hampered by the lack of official accommodation for police officers as well as police barracks which serves a disincentive for newly posited officers to the district.







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