Traditional authority

The traditional authority is represented by the Pusiga Traditional Council under the presidency of the PusigaNaba. The membership of the Council is made up of the divisional and sub divisional chiefs of important settlements who serve as advisors to the PusigaNaba. Matters concerning chieftaincy, culture and tradition are handled by the traditional council.


The predominant ethnic groups in the District are Kussasis, Bissas, Moshies and Mamprusis with the Kussasis constituting the majority.



There are four (4) annual festivals observed in the District. These festivals are celebrated by the Kussais and other ethnic groups at the beginning of the harvest period or after the harvest period. On these occasions, besides the merry making, libations are performed; fresh fruits and animals are offered to the ancestors and gods of the land.

This is done in acknowledgement of their blessing in the past and to implore their help and protection for the future. The festivals increasingly serve as vehicles for uniting and propelling the people in the District for development pursuits. In Pusiga, the festivals celebrated by the various ethnic groups are Samanpid (Kussasis), Zakula (Bissas) and the fire festival (Mamprusi).


There are very attractive physical and cultural landscapes (Kulungugu bomb site and the NaaGbewaa Shrine) worth developing into tourist centers


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