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Location and Size

Sekondi-Takoradi is the administrative capital of the Western Region; it has a land area of 385 square kilometers and is strategically located in the South-Western part of Ghana, about 242 kilometres to the West of Accra, the capital city. It is also approximately 280 kilometres from the La C’ote d’lvoire border in the West.

Topology and Drainage

The metropolis is of varied topography, with the central area of Takoradi being low lying and occupied by muddy lagoons interspersed with ridges and hills. The metropolis is bordered to the west by the Whin River, with its main tributary, the Ayire, joining the Whin lagoon before entering the sea, while on the east also flows the Pra River.

Climate and Vegetation

The metropolis has an equatorial type of climate. Vegetation is highly woodland in the northern and central parts, while thicket is intermingled with tall grass species along the coast, especially in areas where there are no permanent crop. Sekondi-Takoradi is characterized by an equatorial climate.

Temperatures are high with an average of 22 degree Celsius. It has a mean annual rainfall of 2.350 millimetres, which is experienced heavily in May and June with the minor rains occurring between September and October. The climate offers opportunities for varying agricultural production. Like the entire country. Sekondi -Takoradi has a democratic system of government.

Geology and Soil

The geology of the metropolis consists of faulted shoals and sandstone of various types resting on a hard basement of granites, gneiss and schist. The land surface is well watered.


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