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Location and size

The district forms part of the country’s dissected plateau. Within the district, there are isolated hills ranging between 300 meters and 390 meters above sea level. The main river is River Sayere. The vegetation is equatorial rain forest with semi-deciduous forest suitable for the growth of many tree species, such as, Odum, Wawa, Mahogany and Esa.



The district lies in the wet semi-equatorial climatic zone with two rainfall peaks (maxima) in May-June and September-October. The mean annual temperature for the district ranges between 25ºC and 26ºC.

The area experiences two main wet and dry seasons. The wet season is between April and October and the dry season is between November and March. The relatively long wet (rainy) season favours the cultivation of many food and cash crops, especially cocoa. The Krokosue forest, which is earmarked as forest reserve enhances the district’s eco system.

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