Production and Marketing Centres

The Kumasi Metropolis has the infrastructure for both production and marketing. In terms of food crops it is a net importer. Most of the foodstuffs brought into the metropolis are brought in from the adjoining districts as well as distant areas such as Techiman, Nkoranza and Ejura. These areas are noted for yam and maize production. However, a limited amount of food crop production goes on in the peri–urban areas of the metropolis in cassava and vegetables.

Some production takes place in the area of manufacturing and industrial food processing. Automobile parts are manufactured at the Suame Foundry. Vehicle bodybuilding is undertaken at the Neoplan Assembly Plant.  The Breweries as well as the Coca Cola Bottling Plant undertake beverage processing.

Another area of manufacturing is in the wood processing industry, which is concentrated at Asokwa – Ahinsan – Kaase Enclave and Anloga. There are also pockets of other wood processing businesses dotted all over the metropolis. 

Primary Production

The primary production sector of the metropolis is made up of urban agriculture and quarrying/sand winning. The agricultural sector, which is made up of farming, aquaculture, horticulture etc is limited to production of staple crops including maize, plantain, cocoyam, cassava, vegetables and nursery of industrial crops mainly oil palm, citrus fruits. There is also specialization in the distribution of food crops which are brought in from other parts of the country.


The Industrial Sector is made up of manufacturing (breweries, beverages) and wood processing (plywood, boards). Most of the industries are located in the Asokwa-Ahinsan-Kaase industrial area, the hub of large-scale formal industries.  

There is Vehicular parts production and service industry located at Suame Magazine which is the second largest industrial area in the metropolis.

The Informal production sector consists of Woodworking industries which are into the production of furniture located mainly at Anloga and Sokoban.  There are pockets of wood workers who are also scattered metro-wide. Petty commodity production (carving, weaving and pottery) are also located at Ahwia.  However, there is a decline in industry due to high cost of production resulting from high energy cost and cheap imports. There is also a vibrant construction industry in the metropolis.


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