The most common sources of water for both domestic and industrial use in the Municipality are Rivers, springs, Hand-dug Wells, Boreholes, and Pipe-borne. Rain water, water from rivers, springs, streams are the most common types used because they are provided freely by nature. They are, however, easily polluted and therefore a source of worry since they bore many diseases.

Hand-Dug wells are community or individually owned. It is not certain how many of them exist in the Municipality.  There are one hundred and sixty-three (163) boreholes in the Municipality and eighteen (18) additional ones under construction.  

Under Kfw Sponsored RWSP IV, fifty-two (52) boreholes are to be constructed starting September, 2006. When completed, the total boreholes in the District will be 233, which still is woefully inadequate for its population well over 150,000.

One contributing factor of this few number of boreholes is the nature of the soil. Experience in the Municipality is that for every package of borehole construction, the number of dry wells is so alarming.  Perhaps Hydro-fracturing method of drilling should be employed. 

The Municipality also enjoys pipe-borne water system under Ghana Water Company limited (G.W.C.L.). Beneficiary Communities are Mampong, Daaho, Bosofour, Jetiase, and Kyiremfaso. Pipes lines are being laid to Nsuta to access Water from the Mampong Station.

Water from GWCL is not regular and hence unreliable. The machines at the station are obsolete and need complete overhaul for effective performance. The Small Town Water System is proposed for Kofiase, Beposo, Kwamang, and Benim to reduce the water problem in the Municipality.


Sanitation activities are vigorously being pursued in the Municipality. Presently, heaps of refuse dumps in big towns, choked gutters and litter of waste continue to pose serious sanitation problems in the Municipality. 

As mitigating measures, refuse heaps are being removed especially in Mampong and Nsuta.  Choked gutters are also being desilted while a private sanitation firm known as Zoom Lion has been contracted by the District to complement the daily cleaning and collection of litters around major streets and towns centres by the Environmental and Sanitation unit of the Assembly



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