The industrial sector is the smallest sector in the Municipality, employing only about 6.4% percent of the employable labour force. It is made up of agro-based industries, wood-based industries, metal-based industries and clay-based industries, all of which operate scales. Agro-based industry is made up of food processing and alcohol destination 1. The wood - based industry includes small - scale sawing and carpentry. The metal - based industry consists of black smiths and fitters while the clay - based industry includes pottery.


Upper Denkyira East Municipal Assembly throughout the past years has contributed its quota in the area of mining to Ghana. The district is endowed with gold mineralization, notable is the alluvial deposits that spans the banks of the Offin River. There are also hard rock gold mineralization within Ayanfuri and other areas .There are about nine companies that hold large scale mineral right within the district Among them are;

Companies like Anglogold Ashanti and Dunkwa continental Goldfields with mining leases in the district are currently not operational. Anglogold Ashanti for instance are at the stage of the mine closure and are undertaking works of the mined out area. Dunkwa Continental Goldfield have also proposed reactivation of its mine but the sector minister has formally written to the management revoking the mining lease of the company, for non performance over the past years.The inactivity of these companies has led to increased illegal mining activities within their operational areas. These activities are currently prevalent at the Upper Offin banks (Subin area). Lower Offin banks (Kyekyewere area), Dunkwa and Ayanfuri areas.

At Ayanfuri mining is largely undertaken by community members and the members of the surrounding villages in the Anglogold Ashanti mined-out pits and on the heap leach dumps.The increased spate of these activities on encumbered lands may also be attributed to the non-existence of mineralized areas reserved for small scale mining activities, as almost all of the mineralized areas have been engaged by large scale mining companies. The  Office of the Minerals Commission is seriously discussing with management the possibility of carving out an area for small scale gold mining activities. Currently there are no licensed small scale mining concessions within the district; consequently the youth has engaged themselves in illegal mining activities.


Trading is an important economic activity employing a sizeable proportion of the active labour force.

Wood Processing

The assembly can boast of large wood processing companies like Thompson Moir and Galloway (T M G) and International Harwood Limited (IHL) – dealers in logs, lumbers and sawmilling.


Mining And Quarrying

· Gold Mining

· Kaolin Mining

· Clay Mining

· Sand Winning

· Bauxite Mining

· Manganese Mining

Bricks And tiles Making

Expresses the availability of Clay  at Sobroso.

Agro Processing

· Oil Palm Processing

· Cassava Processing

· Citrus Processing

· Pineapple Processing

· Tomato Canning

General Characteristics

Almost all the industries employ labour intensive techniques of production and operate on a small scale. Most of the people employed are apprentices* Over half those in the sector do not have access to credit facilities. All these industrialists. self finance their activities. Unfortunately, the saving habits of the people in sector are low. Majority of who save, do so at home which is rather risky and must be discouraged.The formation of capital for reinvestment and further expansion is very slow. The main problems of the industrial sector include:-

Lack of financial support

Inadequate materials

Low prices of commodities

Lack of storage





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