The Economy of the Municipality can be classified as mainly agrarian. The good nature of the vegetation found in the Municipality encourages and promotes agricultural activities thus helping to generate income from farming activities. About 60% of the working population engages in vibrant farming while 15% engage in small scale mining and 10% could be found in trading and other varied economic activities. Crops such as Cocoa, oil palm, pineapple, plantain, cassava and corn are cultivated in the municipality with cocoa being the major cash crop grown in the Municipality. The Municipality is also endowed with valuable timber species such as mahogany and Wawa.

Although the timber industry provides venture for income generation, the logging activities occur in both in and off reserves thus having a negative impact on the rainfall pattern of the Municipality.There are light industries such as mineral water production and sawmills. Small scale mining also contributes to the socio-economic development of the Municipality. Most of the male youth derive their livelihood from mining of mineral deposits in the Municipality. These include gold, gravel, sand, clay, kaolin and silica. Over the past two years, the Municipality has generated an amount of GH¢741,217.66 internally. Internally, the Municipality has generated an average amount of GH¢370,608.83 annually over the past two years.

The River Offin and the Forest Reserve belt are the major tourist attraction areas in the Municipality. However these sites have not been developed to attract tourist and as a result, not much revenue is generated from these due to the low patronage. There is therefore the need to invest in these especially the forest reserve so as to attract tourist into the Municipality.The Municipality can boast of a total length of 190km of laterite and bitumen roads however, most of the trunk roads are in poor conditions thus making transportation difficult especially during rainy season. This has invariably affected the conveyance of foodstuffs from the growing centers to the markets.

Important crops grown in the district include cocoa, cassava, plantain, oil palm, maize, citrus and pineapple.



Cocoa, Oil Palm, citrus, Pineapple, cassava, etc.

Fish Farming

There is the existence of:

·    Water Resources for small scale irrigation and fish farming.

·    Fish Hatchery


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