Social Groupings

The Mamprusis are the major ethnic group in the district who co-exist peacefully with other minor ethnic groupings including the Frafras, Kassinas, Bimobas, Fulanis, and the Ewes. The ewes are mainly settler fishermen who have settled along the major rivers especially the White Volta – to engage in fishing. The Fulanis are also settled in the area and are herdsmen for the indigenous people.


A typical social hierarchy in a Mamprusi community is shown in annex 3 consisting of the CHIEF, the WUDANA who is the linguist in the village and leader of the elders; the KPANDANA (the elders of the community and advisors to the chief), the TINDANA (in charge of the Gods in the community/ Fetish), the KANBONABA (the Chief Warrior), the NACHINAA (the Youth Leader), the MAGAZIA (the Women’s Leader), the FONGU KPAMMA the Sectional Heads. The female heads respond directly to BIISI (the Magazia) whiles the male respond to the Nachinaa

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