The predominant cultural practices in the municipality is the Asante culture, it is the culture being practiced by almost all the people in the region. However, there are migrant settlers mostly from Northern Ghana who also practice their culture alongside the Akan/Asante tradition and culture. The main language spoken in the municipality is Twi, and the most preferred food is fufu. The cloth is the main traditional attire; it is worn by both male and female to social gatherings like funerals, church, festivals, wedding and naming ceremonies.

The main dance is Adowa and Kete. Funerals, puberty rites and festivals are important cultural practices of the people in the municipality. Mmoaninko and Ahabo are the major festival in the municipality. It is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Municipality to remember their forefathers and also to bring Offinso citizens home and abroad together to formulate and implement programmes to accelerate the pace of development in the municipality.

The main traditional occupation in the municipality is agriculture (crop farming and animal rearing) and cooking/ food processing. Important traditional /historical sites in the municipality are Bo-hene (King of Rocks) at Twumasen and Tutuampa Shrine at Anhwerekrom. Tuesdays and Fridays are the main sacred days of the people in the municipality. The sacred days are opportunities for the promotion of self-help development activities in the rural communities of the municipality. Some communities utilize these days to carry out community development activities.

Measures such as cultural education campaigns and others are required to promote and preserve the cultural values of the people in the municipality.


Fish Sanctuary at Anyenasusu, Waterfall at Asuboi, Virgin Forest at Abofour, Shrine at Tutuampa and Caves at Kentaa are tourism potentials in the municipality. All these tourism potentials are still not developed. Sites lack good access roads and other basic infrastructure. Measures should be put in place by the Municipal Assembly, Forestry Services Division, Ghana Tourist Board, Traditional Authorities and other stakeholders to conserve the historical sites, eco-system of the reserves and to provide facilities to make the tourist sites attractive to local and foreign tourists.


Date Created : 11/27/2017 2:33:31 AM