Major sources of household energy in the are firewood, charcoal, kerosene and electricity 86.0% and 65.0% of respondents use firewood and charcoal as sources of energy of cooking. Other sources of energy are kerosene for lighting, petrol to fuel motor vehicles, and gas station supplying has for cooking.


The rehabilitation, upgrading and resurfacing works needed to put all roads in the municipality in motorable shape all year round is an enormous task. The Assembly, CBRDP, Urban V and some communities have taken the initiative to put some roads in motorable shape. The following roads are listed for improvement.

Postal Service

The municipality has one Post Office at Nkawkaw, and two Postal Agencies at Esaase and Asuboni Rails. Owing to lack of patronage, some of the Postal Agencies have been closed down and are operating only on market days. Their main functions include delivery of letters to and from the capital. The Ghana Postal Service is encouraging the establishment of private Postal Agencies to operate on commission basis to enhance the level of linkages

Construction Sector

The construction sector is aiso fast growing. With the enormous deposits of natural building materials of high quality coupled with large tracts of undeveloped lands especially in the rural sectors of the, the assembly has become a favourite area for estate development and the supply of sand, stone and latrite which are won indiscriminately all year round especially around Aweregya and Apradan. Currently a very wide range of housing units are being developed in Nkawkaw


Road is the only form of transport in the municipality. This implies that, the overall improvement of the road network, maintenance and rehabilitation will facilitate and lower transportation cost and integrates the rural economy with the urban economy to reduce poverty. It is worrying to note that the assembly has no modern lorry parks, not even Nkawkaw.

Drivers and the various transport Associations have taken advantage of the situation and established stations at unauthorized places. Most of them by the road sides compounding the traffic situation especially in Nkawkaw Township. There are about forty-two (20) of such stations in the Nkawkaw. The Assembly will therefore have to take serious steps to construct lorry stations at well designated areas both in the urban and rural communities. Besides these, efforts will be made to construct bus stops in Nkawkaw township and streets lights provided to improve security.


The traditional market pattern has been in Nkawkaw and its surrounding communities. The rural areas do not have well established markets, apart from Jamasi no1 and Ekowsu market.

The Nkawkaw market functions daily with Thursday and Sundays as major market days. Items traded in the market include perishable and non-perishables like manufactured commodities, imported goods like cloth, utensils and other goods are cereals, livestock and second hand clothing.

The strategic location of this market coupled with good accessibility has facilitated it growth leading to congestion and spill-off into the main accra-kumasi road. There is however an uncompleted market facility at Akuajoo and This market needs to be completed to facilitate the decongestion of the Nkawkaw main market.



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