Tourism Attractions

Development Focus for Tourism and Investment Promotion. Even though, the Tourism industry is facing a multiplicity of challenges that seem to threaten the very foundation of the industry. These challenges   need to be tackled effectively otherwise the potentials of the assembly cannot be harnessed. To achieve the tourism and economic investment goals of the municipality, the assembly has put in place the following interim measures:

  • The assembly is in the process of acquiring a one mile square land to be developed into an industrial area in order to attract investors to the area.
  • Create an Artisan village on the Accra Nkawkaw road. There will also be a restaurant, restroom and other amenities to encourage tourists to spend more time in the area.
  •  Develop a camp site in an area beneath the mountain where the mountain provides shelter. Again, to develop a cave at Nkawkawkuma which can accommodate about 100 people into a tourists centre as a prayer camp?
  • Develop a hiking trail with rest stops for hikers on the old road from Nsuta to Obomeng.
  • Support a bio-diversified farm just after Jejeti to be developed into a tourist site and a training camp for farmers and students.
  • Encourage hoteliers to build modem hotels and to improve upon their service delivery in the existing hotels and to promote domestic tourism,
  • Exploit the clay deposit for the establishment of a ceramic and chalk factories and finally,
  • Liaise with our sister districts namely, Kwahu South and Afram Plains  and the traditional authorities to explore the possibility of blending the Easter holiday with our traditional values in order to have a festival for the Kwahu Traditional Area.

Date Created : 11/26/2017 12:31:18 PM