As stated earlier, the District has varied ethnic groups but the dominant ethnic group is the Ashanti’s, which has about 80% of the population. However, the tribes coexist in peace and harmony with one another.

Traditional Set-up

The District is peculiar in terms of chieftaincy institutions. The District falls under the jurisdiction of the Kokofu paramountcy and Dadease which is an Obrempon stool. The divisions of the two traditional areas can not be clearly demarcated. This situation arises because Dadease was formally serving as a division under Kokofu. 

Communal Spirit 

The spirit of belonging to one another and communal living had fallen over the years. The extended family system is gradually losing its importance to the nuclear family system. In the same manner the spirit of voluntarism is dying and paving way for self seeking behaviour. With this the use of community participation as an approach to development is losing its significance.  

Traditional Knowledge 

The people are aware of the festive days, like Akwasidae, Awukudae and Fofie. These days are observed as sacred ones, whereby the people do not undertake any serious farming activities.

Attitude and Practices

Despite the high level of adoption of the Christian religion, the people continue to observe taboo days like the Akwasidae, Awukudae and Fofie as sacred and do not farm on these days. The people’s attitude towards the dead is very high. They observe the dead body with reverence as it lies in state. People participate in funerals without reservation. They observe also the oaths of traditional areas with greatest respect. 

Positive Cultural Practices (e.g. Festivals) Necessary to Promote Development Because of the link of the people to the Kokofu Traditional Area parts of the District celebrate the Opemsuo festival with the Kokofu Traditional Area which is celebrated in August each year.


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