Tourism Attractions

The Municipality has several site of historical, scientific and aesthetic importance, which are potential tourist attraction spots. These areas include: The Bosomtwe Range Forest Reserve and Mprampram Forest Reserve.

Lake Bosomtwe- the only nature lake and exhibiting the characteristics of an inland drainage system. The Amponyinamoa fetish at Poano believed to have been delivered by a human being.

Essumeja Asantemanso- a sacred forest where Ashanti are traditionally believed to have emerged from a hole.

Lake Bonsomtwe: is the only natural lake and the only place where there is an internal drainage in Ghana. It is located about 30km from the district capital, Bekwai. About 2/3 of the lake is found in Amansie East District. There is an on going programme to improve upon the road network leading to the lake area so as to make it accessible. The Assembly is looking forward to any private investor who would invest in the provision of hotel and other recreational facilities so as to boost tourism in the lake Bosomtwe area.

The objective of the project is to develop and promote Lake Bosomtwe as a tourist site. The project also seeks to increase employment and income generation from tourism and finally to encourage private sector participation in tourism. It has been established through regular observation that the lake has a huge potential for holiday tourism and its development would generate employment and increase income for the people.

The Assembly has also decided to develop the birth place of Nana Osei Tutu I the founder of the modern Ashanti Kingdom at Kokofu –Anyinam as a tourist spot. The Assembly is looking forward to any private investor who would invest in the provision of museum, the statue of the late king and other recreational facilities in order to boost tourism in the district.

The objective of the project is to increase the level of patronage from the present 1% to 5% in the near future. The project seeks to increase the income level of the people and also offer employment opportunities to the numerous unemployed youth in the district and also seeks to encourage private sector participation in tourism.

Tourism Potentials

With tourism becoming the third foreign exchange earner of the country, the Municipality intends to develop its tourist attractions and sites to increase its local revenue, create employment both formal and informal and open up the municipality for local economic development.

Tourist Attractions 

Kokofu –Anyinam, the birth place of King Osei–Tutu 1.

River Banko , a classic example of the annular drainage pattern.

Essumeja –Asantemaso, a sacred hole in the forest from which Asantes are traditionally believed to come from holes.

Important Festivals 
Opemsuo –Festival at Kokofu

Area of Investment 

Construction of a craft centre at Kokofu or Essumeja

Construction of restaurant along the Bekwai-Kokofu road

Construction of chalets at the Asantemanso forest.

Constructional of cultural village at Amoaful

Formation of cultural troups in the Municipality

Favourable Technical consideration and enabling environment
Availability of land 
Support from the Traditional Authorities

Good Transportation system.

Availability of markets

Labour availability both skilled and unskilled

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