In the Tema metropolis, there is a District Security Committee (D1SEC) of which the Metropolitan Chief Executive is the Chairman. It draws its membership from the various Security Agencies in the metropolis, the Police, Army, Navy, BNI, CEPS, Immigration and Fire Service. This body is responsible for all matters relating to security in the Metropolis. All these security agencies have their regional headquarters in the metropolis including Ghana Police Service, Ghana National Fire Service and Customs Excise and Preventive Service and the Immigration Service. There are also a countless number of private security firms operating in the metropolis.


TMA has a total of six courts under its jurisdiction. These include two high courts, two circuit courts and two district courts all headed by qualified and competent judges. Their role is to administer justice in the Metropolis. The Courts handle cases ranging from assault, murder, debt cases and land disputes among others.


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