The Tema Metropolis has its main source of water supply from the Kpong water works. Occasional breakdown of activities at the water works, however, causes a nightmare in terms of water supply to the people in the Metropolis.

In the early 1960’s, the government of Ghana in the development of the Tema Township built a large water carriage system referred to as the Tema Central Sewerage System. The system is composed of a network of pipes of various sizes that convey sewerage into three (3) pumping stations and two ejector stations. These pumping/ejector stations pump sewerage through a detention basin into the sea.

In 1988, the Tema (District Council) Metropolitan Assembly jointly with Tema Development Corporation commissioned a study into the effectiveness of continuous use of the Tema Sewerage System. Based on the recommendations of the study, funds were secured from IDA for the rehabilitation of the System. These include the rehabilitation of pumping mains, the rehabilitation of three pumping stations, provision of sewerage treatment plant, the replacement of some over-aged sewers, and the repair of the marine outfall.

In December 1990, the Assembly introduced private sector participation in the collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste. The Assembly has built on this initiative by expanding the coverage of solid waste collection in the Metropolis. Currently, the Assembly has privatized the collection and disposal of solid waste (except Tema New Town) and this development has reduced the financial burden of solid waste collection on the Assembly. Under this new arrangement, contractors (service providers) are required to collect solid waste and associated approved fees directly from households.


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