Internal Security

The District is relatively peaceful. The police and other security agencies in the District work very hard to ensure that people move about freely to carryout their businesses without fear. The District Internal Security Committee (DISEC) is also very active to bring crime occurrence under control.

There are six (6) Police Stations in the district with staff strength of twenty – five (25) police personnel, representing Police Citizen Ratio of 1: 6,122. This is no where near the United Nation’s acceptable standard of 1:500. This has serious implication on the internal security situation and pubic safety in the district as most areas are not adequately covered by security personnel; as a result many people would be exposed to assault, stealing, robbery fraud, rape, defilement etc. without immediate security services. 

The district has one (1) Magistrate Court located at Nkawie responsible for formal conflict management. There are two (2) Fire Service Stations located at Nkawie and Abuakwa.

Measures are required to strengthen the security of the district, through increased police infrastructure and personnel, the promotion of community policing and the general improvement in the communication links between the public and the District Security Agencies



Date Created : 11/24/2017 6:33:02 AM