Industry refers to the type of product produced or service rendered at the respondent’s workplace. Table 4.4 shows the industry of employed population in the metropolis. About 26.3 percent are employed in wholesale and retail; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles industry, followed by 18.8 percent in manufacturing, 8.8 percent in transport and storage industry and 8.2 percent in accommodation and food service industry. The lowest proportions are in real estate and mining/ quarrying (0.3% each), water supply/sewerage waste management/ remediation activities (0.4%) and electricity/gas stream/air conditioning supply (0.5%). 43


Among employed females, higher proportions are in wholesale and retail; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles (35.7%), manufacturing (19.6%), accommodation and food service activities (13.9%), education (4.9%) and human health and social work (2.7%) than the proportions among employed males. In the remaining occupations, the proportions among employed males are higher than their female counterparts.



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