Natural Resources

The natural resources that abound in the municipality are mainly mineral and forest products as well as water bodies. Mineral resources include deposits of gold, diamond, bauxite and koalin. The gold and diamond deposits are found in the Birim river basin, Asikam, Abekoase, Agyapoma, Enyiresi, Abreponso, Kwabeng and Kibi. Kaolin deposits are found at the Atiwa Ranges whilst bauxite and manganese are found in Asamama and Apapam.

The forest reserves are found at Atiwa (158 sq.miles.) and Apedwa (25 sq.miles.) contain valuable timber species like Wawa (Tripolchiton scle roxylon), Odum (Milicia execlsa), Sapele (Guthaphragong) and Mahogany (Kyaya ivoreensis) etc.

The rivers and streams are potential resource base for fishing and small scale irrigation schemes. The district is also rich in ground water resources as a result of light rainfall and underlying rock formation in the region. This is a potential source for bore-hole water. Other natural attractions in the district include Butterfly sanctuary at the Atiwa Forest Reserve and monumental remains in the Kukurantumi forest.


Date Created : 11/24/2017 2:40:17 AM