The main road traversing the major settlements in the municipality is generally in good condition. However, about 49.3% are considered poor. Recently, most of the feeder roads have been resurfaced and most of the Oda town roads were also tarred under the Urban V Project. This not withstanding there are some major access roads in Oda Township which are still in deplorable state, prominent among them are; the road from Nkwantanum-Jamaica link road,roundabout-community six road.

The road network assumes a radial shape, originating from Akim Oda, the municipal capital, to virtually all parts of the municipality. A sizeable portion of the trunk road network, however, is still untarred. The Ghana Railway Corporation is considering re-activating the once important, but now unused railway system in the municipality to service the still flourishing cocoa and timber industries. The municipality has five post offices and six postal agencies.

Postal and Telecommunication facilities though are not adequate have seen some improvement in recent times. The Postal Services in the municipality are located at Akim Oda, Akim Swedru, Akim Achiase and Akim Manso. Akim oda Post Office is now house in a modern-lift to the municipal capital. The facilities are supported by postal agencies distributed in Akim Oda, Swedru, Manso, Aperade and Akroso.


Date Created : 11/23/2017 9:22:51 AM