Political Administration

In line with the provisions in the Local Government Act; the District Assembly has legislative, deliberative, executive and administrative structures and functions (Republic of Ghana, 1993). The District Assembly has responsibilities towards governance, service delivery and planning and community development. These roles are performed through established institutional structures and key personnel.

The District has 10 electoral areas, and forms one constituency. It has one Area Council at Anyinofi, and 10 Unit Committees. For administrative purposes, the District is divided into six (6) zones; Drobonso, Dawia, Fumsua, Yakubu, Seneso and Anyinofi.

The District Assembly is made up of a District Chief Executive, Presiding Member, a Member of Parliament for Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency and 13 Assembly Members (10 elected by universal adult suffrage to represent each of the electoral areas and three government appointees). By law, the Sekyere Afram Plains District Assembly is the highest political and administrative body in the District (Republic of Ghana, 1993).


Date Created : 11/23/2017 7:06:17 AM