Transport facilities in the district include road and water transport.  Road transport is by far the most important mode of transport in the district.  This is as a result of the availability of good network of highways, trunk roads and feeder roads.  The Tema – Akomsombo portion of the road is asphalt.  Also the road network from Atimpoku to Anum and Boso are bitumen surfaced.

The road network in the district radiates from Atimpoku in the South in two main arteries along the eastern and western banks of the Volta Lake.  The first artery moves northwards along the border with the Volta Region through Juapong, Frankadua and Asikuma to Boso.  The second artery is in the north west direction through Akosombo to Adjena and Gyakiti. Today, most of the deplorable feeder roads in the district are being worked on and reconstructed to help farmers transport their produce and goods from hinter-land to the market centres in Akosombo, Atimpoku, Senchi and other areas.

Akosombo has an inland water port at Marine, managed by Volta Lake Transport Company.  The company has ferries, which transport goods and people on the lake to Afram Plains and Yeji in the North and neighbouring landlocked countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The Lake also provides transport opportunities for farmers who use canoes to larger market centre at Gemeni in the Volta Region.

Volta Lake Transport Company

The Volta Lake Transport Company was incorporated in 1970 and it operates on the Volta Lake.
The company operates in two main areas; (i) North-South Services (ii) Ferry-Crossing Service

North – South Services

Pusher tugs with cargo barges constitute pusher trains which can transport 2,300 tonnes of cargo per voyage.  Dry cargo namely Lint Cotton, cotton seeds, sheanuts are shipped from the agricultural north to the industrial south for export or for local markets.  Also, cement, industrial products and general cargo are shipped from the South to the North.  A pusher tug with tanker garges of 1,440m capacity sails regularly to Buipe with fuel (kerosene, diesel and petrol) for markets in the Northern, Upper West, Upper East Regions and Northern parts of Brong Ahafo Region.

Tramping Service

The passenger/cargo vessel “MV YAPEI QUEEN” with air-conditioned cabins and Restaurant facilities among others sails every Monday from Akosombo to Yeji but makes stopovers at various intervening ports including Kete Krachi.  The vessel returns on Thursday with agricultural produce such as yams, beans, groundnuts fish, etc.

Ferry – Crossing Services

VLTC provides safe, efficient and reliable ferry services at Yeji (Brong Ahafo) Kete Krachi and Dambai, both in the Volta Region and Adawso in the Afram Plains of the Eastern Region.  The ferries serve as bridges where the lake has cut across the road network.  Without these services, the communities around the ferries stations will cut off from the rest of the country.  Both passengers and cargo are transported at the ferry stations.


Why Use VLTC Services

VLTC has a modern and well equipped workshop and office facilities to support the operation of its craft.  The dedicated staff who are well trained give VLTC the edge in the now highly sophisticated field of transportation & VLTC vessels are designed to ship bulk cargo.

VLTC is international as it can transport to neighboring landlocked countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.  VLTC has an effective and efficient cargo handling system which is under constant review and supervision.  The customer has at his disposal one of the VLTC experts to guide and advise.




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