Special Programs for the Vulnerable and Excluded

A number of factors in the municipality have combined to affect women, children and other deprived people negatively. Women dominate in agriculture and rural non-farm activities in the district and there is an increasing dependence of households on women’s earning. Yet women are discriminated against and have very little access to land, credit and other property inheritance. Tradilionl beliefs that women’s place is the home have also resulted in their receiving little or no education. The Yewe and Trokosi rites either delay or sometimes deny girls access to education. I here have been some attempts to empower women in the district through educational programs in family life, child welfare, participation in local governance  and general issues.

Some of the programs in place to assist the vulnerable and deprived in the society are as follows:

The Time Bound Program

The ketu municipal is among 10 districts countrywide benefiting from the ILO sponsored Time Round Program. The program seeks to idenlify the Worst forms of Child 1abor (WFCL) in order lo address some of the critical issues associated with them. Some of the prevalent practices in the Ketu municipal are children in farming, children in fishing, children in sex and children in serv itude (T rokosi).

DACF for physically challenged

Some of the women’s groups that have benefited from the programs include the Agbozume-Klikor Hairdressers/Seamstresses .Association. Christian Mothers Association and the EP Church of Ghana Women’s Ministry.

There was a conscious effort to assist women who contested in the recent municipal Assembly election in their electioneering campaigns
The Department of Social Welfare of the Assembly and some NCOs collaborate to provide welfare services lo the vulnerable and disadvantaged especially women and children.Despite the inadequate logistical support the department visits Day Care and Larly Childhood Development Centers, hospitals and orphanages. Other programmes include health promotion especially in HIV/ AIDS, advocacy for Child Rights and Protection. Juvenile Justice Administration and care for abandoned children.

About 25 cases varying from absconders, difficult in bill settlement, pauper declaration and follow-up to patient’s relatives were handled by the department last in 2005. As pan of a community care pro-gram three persons with disability were given loans. A forth-disabled student had a financial assistance of about two hundred and fifty thousand cedis (¢250.000.000). An attempt is also being made to get this student a tricycle. In line with the new registration of People with Disability (PWD) about 30 people have been registered. Very little however has been done in respect of assistance to the aged. Other women’s groups’ exist in Aflao, Wego, somey Fugo, Klikor, Town/Area Councils These are basically, economic, social and political groupings which could be used as channels for programs for women’s development







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