Roads and Transport

There are 10-klms of trunk roads which link the municipality with the rest of the country. These are the Denu-Ho and Aflao-Tema roads. Additionally there are a further 227kms of feeder roads, which facilitate access to most parts of the municipality. Some of the feeder roads, however, become unmotorable during the rainy season.

Energy and Supply

There are five main energy sources in the namely electricity, fuel wood (charcoal and firewood), kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). About 90% of the population depends on fuel wood for cooking and the rest depend on LPG. Kerosene is basically used in lightening the rural homes. Electricity is the major energy source for particularly the urban homes, institutions and a few industrial workshops. The major source of charcoal is within the municipality with very little coming from outside, firewood is extracted from the few wood lands in the district Petroleum products retail outlets run by companies like the Elf, Shell, Goil, Mobil and Total operate in the district, there two LPG stations at Viepe and Aflao. The major towns like Aflao, Denu, Dzodze, Klikor, Agbozume, Ehi, Dekpor, Awlikorpe. Penyi, Nogokpo, Ativula and the conurbation settlements of Adafienu to Avorme are hooked to the National Grid.

At present, only a total customer population of 8500 enjoys electricity from the 5MVA-installed capacity. The total number of electricity distribution sub-stations is 51 with a total capacity of 2.5mw. Generally the district experiences a low voltage. Denu and Aflao haw been from the newly built by 161kv and 33MVA primary substation at Aflao for Diamond Cement factory. A large number of the settlements are without electricity. There is the need for extension to all these communities.

Post and Telecommunication Services

Statistics indicate that Postal Services and telephone facilities are provided in the major towns of Aflao, Dzodze, Avoeme, Penyi, Agbozume, Denu and Hedzranawo. The Ghana Telecommunications Company has a switch capacity of about 1.300 lines, which is woefully inadequate. However, most of the Telephone lines in the District are not functioning.

Telecommunication Coverage is 98%
Landline                       -   Ghana Telecom
Mobile phone facility      -   Areeba, Ghana Telecom, Tigo, Kassapa
Public Phone Booth       -   are all located in the district.


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