Small Scale Industrial Activities

The industrial activities are categorized into food processing, alcoholic beverages, manufacturing and service industries. Processing is made up of treatment of cassava, to produce cassava dough, gari and biscuit (Agbehkponior). Ewe-Kete (the traditional cloth) is produced by numerous weavers at Agbozume and its surrounding villages. Handicrafts like works of metal, clay. Fiber and wood dominate the relics and jewellery of the shrines in Ketu. Ritual wood carvers are found in Klikor, Dz.odze, Aflao. Agbozume, Tokor, Afife, and Weta and in the remotest Villages. Apart from the above, there is pottery works at Kuli-Dzogbefeme. Craftsmen in the streets, at market places and in the villages, with simple tools, turn out beautiful products.   The Bobbo Ewe-Kete weaving Institute at Hatsukope trains the youth to acquire skills of weaving the traditional cloth.

There are  small-scale  workshops  with  basic  equipment  located  in  the  urban  centers  lo produce metal products such as hand loots for farming and cassava graters. The linkage between processing and manufacturing on the one hand, and the Agriculture Sector on other is however weak.
One major manufacturing industry that has been established in the district is the Diamond Cement factory located at Aflao. Cement is being produced on Large-scale at the factory. This offers employment to main people in the municipality.

Some of the identified industrial problems include:
i    Lack of inputs/ raw materials
ii    Inadequate credit/finances
iii    Unreliable market
iv    Lack of storage facilities
v    High cost of raw materials- inputs
vi    Lack of energy/ electricity
vii    Lack of feeder roads
viii    No processing, machines
ix    Inadequate capital



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