There are three major periodic markets in the Municipality; Techiman, Offuman and Tuobodom.  These markets serve not only as points of exchange of goods and services but also have important influence on the economic life of the surrounding communities.  This is due to the fact that they facilitate the sale of the products of the surrounding areas and encourage the inflow of other goods into these areas.  The problem of storage is therefore minimized through the disposal of produce in it’s raw form through the market.

The famous Techiman market which is a the largest agricultural produce market in the country, can also be classified as international, since it attracts patrons from other west African countries like Mali and Niger.  The rapid growth of commercial activities at the Techiman market has not been supported by provision for adequate infrastructure.  There is inadequate parking space.  Inadequate market sheds and shops.  Sanitary facilities and security are also inadequate.  Management of the market and revenue mobilization needs to be improved. Public private partnership needs to be explored to develop the market in order to harness it’s full potential.



Date Created : 11/21/2017 2:20:38 AM