The Techiman Municipality in general is regarded as an Agric production corridor.  This is largely attributed to the vast fertile lands, especially in the southern part of the Municipality.  This situation has again attracted migrant farmers from the north to the Municipality.  Although Agric extension activities appear equally distributed, there is still concentration of AEA’s in the north than in the south, which is considered to have an advantage, in terms of fertile lands, for production.  However, access to information on agriculture by farmers in the south is boosted by the presence of the Municipal Agriculture Directorate, which is located in the Techiman Township.

Buoyem, as one of the areas in the north with fertile lands for agriculture, has low access to AEAs because of its poor road network and local conflicts.  On the whole, farmers’ access to AEA and information on Agric is fairly distributed.


Date Created : 11/21/2017 2:18:53 AM