About 60% of the households in the District have access to pipe borne water from the Kpong Dam. The remaining 40% who do not have acces to pipe borne water but depend on water tanker services, dams, rivers,streams and lagoons as their source of water. However, out of the 60% who have access to potable water, 40% do not have regular flow of water and therefore rely on private water tankers services due to low pressure during the dry season. Some areas in the District that lack potable water and depend mostly on water tanker services are Katamanso, Kubekro 1&2, Zeenu, part of Gbetsile, Santeo, Adigon and Gonten.


Access to sanitary facilities in the District is generallyappreciable. The District has only 11 public toilets.Out of the 11 public toilets, 6 are situated in Kpone, 2 in Oyibi and the remaining 3 are in Kakasunanka.

This implies that, some communities within the District will not have access to public toilets and this will encourage open space defecation(free range) In Kpone for instance, some of the community members do not patroniz the public toilets because they have to pay and thus defecate in open spaces (‘free range’) especially along the beaches. The District also have refuse containers placed at vantage points to serve the residents but some residents complained that the containers are not enough and this have made some of them to create unauthorized dumping sites within the community.The District also has a landfill site that serves the Tema metropolis and even the Accra Metropolis.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 7:41:27 AM