The development of the agricultural sector in the District, among others, depends on the effectiveness of the extension system. This relates to the availability of adequate extension agents and the quality and relevance of the services they render to the farmers. The projection of needed AEAs indicated in Table 3.6 is based on an assumption that the District economy which is currently dominated by agriculture employing 70 percent of the active labour force does not change. On the other hand if the employment situation of the economy changes, and the other sectors - industry and services - gain prominence at the expense of the agriculture sector, then the AEA requirements as projected above may drop.


  1. Backlogs at each plan year will be provided
  2. The District economy which is currently dominated by agriculture does not change 70 per cent of the active labour force.

Employment Projection


  1. The unemployment rate during the next three years is not varied
  2. The net migration will remain constant
  3. The unemployed population is employed by agriculture sector and the small scale enterprises.

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