Out of the total population of 87,994 persons in the district, majority (71.8%) are Christians. This comprises of Catholics (30.5%), Protestants (20.8%), Pentecostals (14.6%) and 5.9 percent forming the rest of the Christian population. Quite a sizeable percentage of the population (16.0%) belongs to the Islamic religion while traditionalists constitute 2.9 percent. Variations by sex follow similar pattern just as shown above.

In terms of the traditional set up, there are four (4) paramount areas in the District- Nsawkaw, Seikwa, Badu and Debibi/Menji Division. The district is quite heterogeneous with Akan ethnic group forming the majority.  The other ethnic groups in the district are Kologo, Bono and Lugei, the Mole-Dagbani. The other ethnic groups in the district are Guan, Ewes, Dagaatis and many others The District can be characterized as a rural one since most of communities are rural areas; thus, it is able to enjoy some of the features of rural setting. One can attest to the fact that communal spirit at rural areas is very high, which is not different from what is prevailing in the District.

As a result of this high communal spirit, they tend to adhere to any call which invites them to participate in any activity. The chiefs are able to mobilize the people to undertake various development projects. The people in the District have some rich traditional cultures which they cherish so much. It is considered a taboo for one to eat the new yam before the necessary customary practices are done. In other places, the chiefs are supposed to taste the new yam before anyone else. Hospitability is one of the hallmarks of the inhabitants in the District. They have special ways of making the stranger feel at home.

There are some festivals which are celebrated occasionally in the District. Examples are Krufie celebrated by the people of Nsawkaw; Tano yam festival by the people of Seikwa and Gbono by Debibi and its environs. . These festivals attract people from far and near to honour the festive season. During these occasions, funds are raised to undertake development projects. It is also during this time that people tend to see their love ones who have been away for so long.

There are also some chieftaincy disputes prevalent in areas like Brodi, Badu and Nsawkaw. These negative practices tend to hamper development and go to the extent of eroding development gains the District has chalked in the past.



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