The Sunyani Traditional Council is composed of 22 divisional and sub chiefs and is headed by the Omanhene. There are about 27 settlements under the jurisdiction of the Sunyani Traditional Council. The Traditional Council is the traditional authority of the people. And it is responsible for mobilizing its people for development.

Currently, the Sunyani Traditional Council has not been celebrating festivals due to its inability to generate enough funds. A committee has recently been commissioned to plan and mobilise resources to initiate a festival for Sunyani. The Sunyani traditional council abhors evoking spirits to curse hence has introduced strict punitive measures for offenders of such acts. Sunyani Traditional Council has recorded a dispute free chieftaincy system resulting in the peaceful atmosphere of the municipality.

As a result, the council serves as the centre for dispute resolution and arbitration in the traditional areas. In addition to Sunyani traditional council are other sub traditional areas like Abesim, which is part of Dormaa Traditional Council and Atronie. This revelation has contributed immensely to investment attraction and opportunities in the municipality.

Ethnic Diversity

There are nine main identifiable ethnic groups in municipality. Akan the majority constitute 71.1 percent; Ga Dangme presents 2.1 percent whereas Ewe constitutes 3.2. In total the Northern tribes (Guan, Gurma, Mole-Dagbani, Grusi, Mande) in the municipality constitute 19.3 percent (GSS, PHC, 2000). The municipality has diverse ethnic background because its capital serves as the administrative capital for the region and as such offers certain services not existing in most districts.

Religious Composition

Predominantly Christians, Islam, and Traditional groups form the main religious groups in the municipality. About 81 percent of the populace are Christians, 11.3 percent constitute Islam, and again 0.9 are traditional believers whereas 6.2 percent belong to no religious group (GSS, PHC, 2000).





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