Peace and stability emanate from a well-co-ordinated and effective security apparatus in every society. The Municipality is fortunate to have access to the Police Service, Immigration Service and BNI whose mandate are to enforce peace and order in a democratic dispensation. The Municipality is also fortunate to have a District Circuit and Magistrate Court at Bibiani which help to administer justice to the people to ensure peace, order and security.

As indicated earlier, there is peaceful coexistence among the three paramountcies and there is no serious chieftaincy dispute as well as serious land litigation in the Municipality which sometimes necessitate land guards in some parts of the country. Armed robbery is not too rampant but the Municipality occasionally records some cases. This favourable and encouraging security environment in the district promotes good governance, attract investment and development.

Police Service

The Municipality has assumed a status of Divisional Police Command with a Divisional Police Commander stationed at Bibiani with two District Police Commands stationed at the police headquarters, Bibiani. and Sefwi Bekwai respectively. There are five Police Stations and three Police Barriers in the Municipality. The stations lack decent offices and residential accommodation for stationed officers. Additionally, inadequate staff is one major problem that has bedevilled the police administration over the years in the Municipality.

Other Security

Agencies Immigration and BNI are stationed in the Municipality to enhance general security and peace.

Judicial Service The district has Circuit and Magistrate Courts which are all established at Bibiani presided over by qualified judges. The presence of the courts has brought justice and so much relief to the people. Hitherto, cases had to be sent to Sefwi Wiawso for redress.

Date Created : 5/4/2023 12:00:00 AM