The Bia East District was carved out of the former Bia District in 2012 by Legislative Instrument (L.I) 2014 and was officially inaugurated in June 2012 with Sefwi Adabokrom as the district capital. The district is located in the north-eastern part of the Western Region of Ghana. It shares boundaries with Dormaa West and Asunafo South districts in the north and east respectively. On the west and south are Bia West District and Cote d’Ivoire respectively (Figure 1.1). The district covers an area of 783.6 square kilometres.


To envisage a peaceful, progressive and well-developed district with high standard of living for all persons under its jurisdiction, in a conducive atmosphere, where the dreams and aspiration of its inhabitants are attained and maximized.

Mission Statement

The district exists to improve the living conditions of the people of the District by mobilizing the human and material resources in the provision of social and infrastructural facilities and services for a balanced development.



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