Community Needs and Aspirations Linked to the Gaps from the 2010- 2013 DMTDP Performance Review


In ensuring conformity, community needs and aspirations which were collated from the Town/Area councils under the Assembly were harmonized with the development gaps identified from the performance review of the 2010-2013 DMTDP. The following are list of harmonized issues in relation to Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA II) 2014-2017.


Enhancing Competiveness in Ghana’s Private Sector

• Poor revenue mobilization

• Provision of adequate market infrastructure

• Introduction of modern technology and packaging to artisans/enterprises

• Support the development of micro, small and medium scale enterprises

• Develop tourist potentials in the district

Accelerated Agriculture Modernization and Sustainable Natural Resources Management

• Reduction in overdependence on cocoa production in the district

• Adoption of improved agricultural technology by farmers

• Support the production of other crops, animals and fisheries in the district especially promotion of local production (Inland Rice Production)

• Intensify awareness on climate change adaptation

• Stringent enforcement of mining bye-laws

• Support conservation and management of the forest resources

• Expansion of the forest plantation programme (Afforestation)

• Promote the use of gas as alternative source of energy for households

• Protection of water bodies

• Ensure reclamation of degraded land through mining activities.


Infrastructure, Energy and Human Settlement

• Tarring of the main highway (Mile 4 –Ellubo & Enchi-Dadieso)

• Rehabilitation of feeder roads and farm tracks

• Construction of bridges and culverts

• Improvement in the access to ICT facilities

• Provision and expansion of electricity

• Expansion and repairs of solar panels

• Provision of potable water

• Provision of sanitation facilities

• Preparation of layouts

• Construction of drainage systems

Human Development, Productivity and Employment

• Construction and rehabilitation of educational infrastructure

• Expansion of the School Feeding Programme

• Provision of office accommodation for GES

• Construction/rehabilitation of health facilities

• Supply of adequate equipment and logistics to health facilities

• Provision of adequate qualified health personnel

• Educational programmes on HIV/AIDS

• Educational programmes on population growth

• Improve Death and Birth registration coverage in the Municipality

• Intensify awareness on child protection and child labour

• Build capacities of those with disabilities

Transparent and Accountable Governance

• Strengthening of district sub-structures

• Increase women participation in decision making

• Support to girl child education

• Adequate support to the vulnerable and excluded

• Provision of adequate qualified personnel to the district assembly and other departments

• Provision of adequate logistics and other office equipment for DA and other departments

• Capacity building for DA staff and other departments

• Provision of personnel and logistics to the security services


Date Created : 11/18/2017 11:26:12 AM