Education has been recognized as the tool for the sustainable development of any society.  It is a fundamental human right, which opens up opportunities for people.  Education thus provides the means to achieving human development. To encourage school enrollment and retention, five (5) primary school has been selected to benefit from the NEPAD school feeding programme this year. It is refreshing to note that with the introduction of the capitation grant enrollment has increased in all school in the District.

The District has five educational circuits. Namely Sawla East, Sawla West, Tuna, Kalba and Gindabou. There is only one (1) Senior Secondary School, fifty seven (57) primary schools; seventeen (17) Junior Secondary Schools, and twelve (12) pre-school or day Nurseries in the District. There are Adult literacy programmes going on in the District to address the high illiteracy problems in the District. Though Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Assembly has made relentless efforts to re-organize the educational Sector. The following problems continue to hinder effective teaching and service.

  1. Inadequate teachers in most of the schools
  2. No accommodation for teachers.
  3. Poor school enrollment figures coupled with high school       drop out rate especially girls.
  4. Generally, there is low-level formal education attainment.  A few go beyond the JSS level especially the females.
  5. No textbooks
  6. No suitable classroom for pupils


  • More teachers should be sponsored in and posted back to the district
  • Provide accommodation for teachers
  • Give incentives to girls who are regular to school 
  • Motivate teachers to stay in the district
  • Provide more classroom blocks.

Family Caregivers
Early Childhood Development Programmes

Increase Access to technical and Vocational Training (Including ICT training). In order to make education more responsive to current 


Distance Education to be encouraged. Bridge gap in Access to education and training at all levels in the district. Improve quality teaching and learning Promote Secondary and Technical education with particular emphasis on girls. At the basic level expand pre-school access to every child.

To ensure accessibility of people with disability, buildings and physical infrastructure   conform to the disability Bill before parliament Model sec school in the district (up grade the existing one at Tuna Secondary/Technical Bridge gap in education by providing incentives/scholarships schemes to girls so as to encourage enrollment retention and completion especially in deprived areas. Sensitize parents on the importance of girl’s education.

In recognition of some of these general challenges confronting education in the district the District Assembly, some development oriented organization such Ibis, NEPAD support the sector to minimize these challenges and achieve education for all. These efforts are geared towards improving education delivery and management in the district.

Skills and Manpower Development 

Apart from formal education, many young people in the District do not have what it takes in terms of skills and know how to get jobs.
This notwithstanding, the district especially the five sub-districts provide local apprenticeship training where skills are systematically transferred to the youth and the vulnerable. However the skills and entrepreneurial training like the formal education sector is without problems.  

Establish a Technical School for skill training

  1. Sensitize households on the need to embrace skill training as an alternative to formal education.
  2. Whip up the interest of the unemployed youth to enroll for training in skills.
  3. Intensify education on safe sex to avoid unplanned/unwanted pregnancies among apprentices.
  4. Implement national apprenticeship programmes to ensure overall development of skill training.
  5. Encourage and support self-employment.

Sports Development

Sports have the potentials to enhance personal abilities, general health, and foster friendship and above all bring development and peace to communities.

The Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District has not been left out in sporting activities and for that matter has to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. As part of encouraging sporting activities in the district, support was given to the District Directorate to acquire sporting items for the basic school. Assistance was also given to the senior secondary school in the District in the form of jersey and other sporting equipment.

Indeed all schools in the district engage their pupils/students in almost all sporting activities to promote general health and well being.The Adults in the district are also not left out, there are town teams formed especially in the Sawla and Tuna. There is fierce competition particularly football, the passion of the nation. The teams however lacks most of sporting equipment


  • Provide adequate and appropriate sports and recreational facilities in the district
  • Secure support from benevolent citizens to acquire sporting equipment
  • Encourage keep fit clubs in the district.
  • Support the town teams to join the Division one league

Date Created : 11/18/2017 8:31:18 AM