Industrial Activities

There are limited industrial activities. Agro- processing constitutes the main industrial activities includes sheanut processing, Groundnuts processing, Cotton ginnery, and Rice Processing. With the exception of Shebu Industry that uses modern technology to process sheanut on a large scale for export, traditional small scale methods dominate agro-processing in the municipality. These small scale activities are a major employer of women. Through Assistance from organisations such as UNICEF and Canada Fund for local initiative (CFLI), WVG, ITTU and VIP have improved some traditional methods such as in sheanut and groundnut processing.

Trade and Services

Trading and service activities employs about 3% of the economically active population. Trading activities in the municipality are dominated by trading in agricultural activities with a few employed in retail trading of provisions stores. Service sector comprises those in formal sector employment and constitute less than 1% of the economically active population.


Date Created : 11/18/2017 8:16:01 AM