The Town and Area Councils are operational with staff recruited.  The recruited staffs are three for each council namely Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The councils are also provided with furniture, computers and steel cabinets.

All the six Town / Area Councils have been supported by the District Assembly and Community Driven Initiative for Food Security (CIFS ) Project and have successfully come up with their Area Level Action Plans.  These Area Level Plans have been incorporated into the District Medium Term Development Plan (2006-2009).

It is the aim of the District Assembly to strengthen the sub-structure to enable them deliver better local level governance. 

Membership of District Assembly

The District Assembly is made of forty two (42) members thirty (30) elected members and ten (10) Government appointees, the District Chief Executive and a Member of Parliament.

There are five female members in the house, two elected and three appointed with the aim of granting women the opportunity to contribute to decision making in the house.

Enforcement of rule of law

There is a District Magistrate Court with a resident Magistrate who presides over court proceedings in the dispensation of justice.

A District Police Headquarters is established in the district to maintain law and order.  The numerical staff of police in the District is currently twenty four (24).  There are also some operational policemen in the district. 

Plans are however, advanced to raise the stations of the District police command to a divisional command.  It is hoped that in 2007 a police station would be established at Chamba where structures are being built.  A second police station may also be opened between Pusugu and Bincherataga to promote security.  

The Department of Human Rights and Administrative Justice, National Commission on Civic Education, Information Services Department, BNI and Police are established in the district.. 

Decentralised  Department

The eleven (11) decentralised departments are established in the district with the exception of the Physical Planning Department.  These are:

•    Central Administration
•    Ghana Education Service
•    Ghana Health Service
•    District Agricultural Development Unit
•    Social Welfare / Community Development
•    Finance Department
•    Works Department
•    Natural Resource Conservation Department
•    Disaster Prevention Department
•    Trade & Industry Department

Efforts are underway to establish the Physical Planning Department
Objectives of Good Governance 

  1. To strengthen local level Governance by equipping the Town / Area Councils with staff, computers, requisite training and logistics to make them very functional.
  2. To enforce Bye-Laws of the District Assembly especially Gender Health, Sanitation and Environmentally friendly bye-laws.
  3. Ensure even distribution of departmental projects to eliminate or reduce biases and discrimination.
  4. To implement and enforce disability programmes in the district
  5. To adhere to letter and spirit of the Public Procurement Act, the Internal Agency Act and Finance & Public Administration Act etc.
  6. Public for a such as Durbars, Social Auditing, People’s Assembly and meet the Press would also be undertaken to enable the public assess the performance of the District.




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