Kpandai district being a cosmopolitan one implies that the district has diverse cultures. All the ethnic groups in the District have their local chiefs. They are further divided into clans with recognized clan heads. The Nawuris were the first ethnic group to be migrated into the area and so they are the land owners.

These heads play various roles in mobilizing their people for special functions. Among the various clans, there is no established structure or hierarchy and this often lead to chaos as to who among the numerous clan heads, to pay homage to on a visit to a particular community.  There is high communal spirit among community members in occasions such as funeral performance but the same is yet to be seen in terms of communal labour on self-help projects. Ethnic diversity in the District is a potential source of conflict and efforts should be made to avert those situations.  

Major celebrations that bring the people from all over the country to their traditional homes include funerals and festivals such as yam festival.  These celebrations could be used to raise funds to support major development efforts in the District. 


Kpandai district is a cosmopolitan district with the Konkombas constituting about 68% of the District population. The pie chart below shows the percentage distribution of ethnic groups in the District. The widely spoken dialect is Twi.


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