Programme for the Vulnerable and Excluded 

Planning for overall development in the Municipality is not discriminatory against the vulnerable, excluded and weak, but takes a holistic view at the target beneficiary in totality. However because of the special nature of the vulnerable and the excluded, they may latently be left out in terms of access to development, as a result of their incapacity or inability. 

Under this plan, we will define the vulnerable and the excluded to compose of a variety of physically challenged and or socially disadvantaged persons who by virtue of their birth, accident, cultural or social construct, are unable to utilise the resources around them to the best of their ability. Statistics available in the 
Municipality indicate that there are number of the vulnerable in the Municipality. There is also a witch’s camp at Tindangpeliga Yili in the Kpatinga area where suspected witches are camped. The exact number at the camp is not known. 

Women by virtue of the customs in the 
Municipality succinctly will be classified as vulnerable and weak. Widows are another category of the vulnerable and weak. The practice where the widow returns to her patrilineal home raises questions of injustice. The fact that she is asked to go back to her patrilineal home means she is denied access to all that she has been able to nurture and make in her useful life period. This also implies that she will have to start life all over again in her “new world”. The issue of widowhood in the Municipality needs a critical further assessment.  

Existing Support for the Vulnerable

The Municipality has over the last years been collaborating actively with the Action on Disability and Development (ADD) in providing training for the physically challenged people in the Municipality. The Assembly is also supporting two dump student studying at the Savelugu School for the Deaf.



Date Created : 11/18/2017 5:19:25 AM