Tourism Attractions


The opportunities for tourism are somewhat limited in the Municipality but there are some potential attractions that fit in well within the larger regional tourist circuit. For instance, there are the weaving and smock sewing centres at Gushegu and Kpatinga. These areas are well noted for the production of the best smocks in the northern region. There are several natural attractions that can be enjoyed by lovers of nature.


When fully developed, the 145 square kilometres Daka Forest Reserve and the 24.5 square kilometre Forest Reserve, can serve as natural game and wildlife reserves. The Daka reserve is particularly entertaining because it has a large monkey population. An additional attraction is the head waters of the River Daka. Then there is the meridian village of Namangbeni, through which the Greenwich Meridian (Longitude00) passes.


This village, due to its strategic location, can be developed into a tourist centre. Cultural tourists can enjoy the popular Dambe and Bugum festivals of the people of Dagbon. They are colourful and exciting. Efforts are going on to explore other potential tourist attractions in the Municipality.


The Municipal Assembly will welcome any investors coming in to take advantage of the existing investment potentials in the Municipality. Considering their viability, investors can safely expect to earn competitively strong economic returns on their investment. They are also assured of a very good enabling environment and the renowned agae and northern hospitality.

Date Created : 11/18/2017 4:49:47 AM