Become a leading decentralized local government service provider in the country with high quality delivery of developmental programs and projects and create a sustainable and enviable atmosphere of peace and security for all

Mission statement

The East Gonja Municipal Assembly exists to ensure equitable development of the Municipality and for all persons by mobilizing, coordinating and judiciously utilizing resources for sustainable improvement of life.


Also considering the fact that the East Gonja Municipal is a food basket and the fact human resource its greatest asset, special attention would be given to education and training, agriculture, health and water & sanitation.


Core Functions

The core functions of the East Gonja Municipality are outlined below:

  • Execute approved development plans for the Municipality.
  • Guide, encourage and support sub-district local government bodies, public agencies and local communities to perform their roles in the execution of approved development plans;
  • Initiate and encourage joint participation with other persons or bodies to execute approved development plans;
  • Promote or encourage other persons or bodies to undertake projects under approved development plans
  • Monitor the execution of projects under approved development plans and assess and evaluate their impact on the people's development, the local, and district and national economy.
  • Co-ordinate, integrate and harmonize the execution of programmes and projects under approved development plans for the Municipality and other development programmes promoted or carried out by ministries, departments, public corporations and other statutory bodies and non-governmental organisations in the Municipality. 

Date Created : 11/18/2017 2:44:03 AM