Aowin Municipal has both small and medium industries. The industries can be categorized into agro processing, wood processing, mining and handiworks. The common industries under the agro-processing include; cassava processing at Jamoro, Botwekrom, Aduyaakrom and several other communities.

Most of the productions are done by individuals who are women. The technology level of most of the producers is low and greatly dominated by human efforts. These industries give employment to women in particular.

Dressmaking and Tailoring industries are located in Enchi, Dadieso and Boinso; Sawmills at Enchi and surface mining going on at Morcherkrom near Sewum. These industries provide employment opportunities to the youth in the Municipality.

Medium Scale Industries

The Aowin Municipal does not have any large scale industrial establishment. Samartex Timber and Plywood Company is the only large scale industry operating in the area. It is, however, located at Samreboi in an adjoining district but has a vast forest concession from which it extracts timber.

Small Scale Industries

The Aowin Municipal has several other small scale industries dotted throughout the Municipality. These industries include carpentry and joinery, auto fitting, cereal milling, bakery, Akpeteshie distilling and fuel dispensing.

From all indications, it is now clear that there is a hidden treasure in the Aowin Municipal.

Mineral Deposits

Geological Surveys undertaken in the Municipality reveals high gold deposits in the Municipality at places such as Achimfo, Abokyia, Acquai-Allah, Sewum and Atokosue. A Canadian mining company called Red Back, and Newmont Ltd, the world’s largest mining company have been given certificates to prospect and mine gold in the Municipality. Indications are very high that actual mining would begin within the shortest possible time. There is also a registered small scale company called Africanus which has also been mining and processing gold on small scale at Morcherkrom.

Cottage Industries

The Municipality abounds with raw materials such as bamboo, cane and raffia to support investment in the cottage industry. Studies also show the presence of clay deposits for pottery production and the production of brick and tiles for housing.


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