Municipal Development Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Programme


This section involves the formulation of vision goals, objectives and strategies for the district following analysis of the development situation alongside the development priorities of the people.

The national medium-term policy framework - Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (2014-2017) constituted the framework within which the Aowin Municipal Medium Term Plan (2014-2017) goals were adopted.

Vision Statement and Development Focus

The vision of the Municipality is to promote economic growth and employment opportunities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The focus will be on combination of agricultural modernization as well as creating enabling environment for the establishment and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Municipality. Other existing potentials in eco-tourism will also be pursued whist democracy and accountable governance would be deepened .Social facilities relevant for the achievement of the vision would serious be considered and given the needed attention for the achievement of the goal.

Formulation of Goals, Objectives and Strategies

The Development Focus of the Municipal or the broad goal is to create the enabling environment by providing basic socio-economic infrastructural facilities for sustained increased productivity and production towards poverty reduction and improved living standards of the people in the district.

The specific sectors goals, objectives and strategies as it is indicated, have been adopted from the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda II which serves as the basis for the District Medium Term Plan preparation. The adopted Goals, Policy objectives and their strategies have been displayed under 5 out of the 7 thematic working areas below.

Community Perspective on Current Needs and Aspirations

Perspective on current needs and desires of the general public were obtained from Area/Town councils’ Medium Term Plans prepared by the sub-structures. Information gathered from the respective sub-districts was further validated at meetings with the area councils respectively. 

The current pressing needs and aspirations of the general populace are outlined under economic and social. development.

a. Economic Development

Economic Development

•    Creation of employment opportunities
•    Increasing locally generate revenue
•    Provision of market infrastructure


•    Promotion of rice production
•    Provision of improved seedlings to  


Feeder Roads

• Construction, rehabilitation/maintenance of feeder roads
• Construction/maintenance of broken down bridges

b. Social Development


• Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of school structures
• Sponsor the training of teachers
• Provision furniture to schools


• Construction/maintenance/ rehabilitation of health infrastructure
• Provision of health equipment and logistics
• Recruitment of more professional nurses for the health facilities

Water & Sanitation

  • Provision of potable water
  • Provision of public toilet
  • Introduction of private partners in the construction and management of toilet facilities


  • Strengthen capacity of the Assembly for increased services delivery and outputs
  • Provide equipment and logistics to enhance service delivery of security forces

Priority Development Issues/ Problems Identified

It is anticipated that the District Medium Term Development Plan 2014-2017 under the Ghana Shared Growth Development Agenda II, the following prioritized development issues as identified by various stakeholders would be redress to improve living conditions in the District. The prioritized development issues have been outlined in relation to the thematic areas of the GSGDA II.


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