The school attendance profile for the District’s population 3 years and older is presented in Figure 3.1. About one-third (37.8%) of the total population had attended school in the past or were in school, with 41.1 percent being in school at the time of the census while 21.2 percent have never attended school. Females are less likely to have attended school in the past than males: 36.5 percent for females and 39 percent for males. Meanwhile, a quarter of the female population (25.7%) who have never attended school exceed their male counterparts (16.6%).

The total population currently attending school is 24,741 whilst 22,757 have attended school in the past. The number of males and females currently attending school are 13,379 and 11,362 respectively and those who have attended school in the past are 11,756 and 11,001 respectively (Table 3.10). A proportion close to half (48.9%) of the population currently attending school are in primary school compared to slightly over one-fifth (22.4) of those who have attended school in the past. As the educational ladder increases to tertiary, the proportion of those currently in school decreases. Also, about nine in ten females (90.0%) compared to males, 79 percent attended basic school defined to include Primary, JSS/JHS and Middle School. However, males outnumber females at the SSS/SHS/Secondary level recording a figure slightly over one-fifth (22.7%) for males and 6 percent for females. In addition, more males, 3.2 percent than females, 0.7 percent attained tertiary level of education (Table 3.10).


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