The Education, remains the number one development priority of our district. Indeed, we have made significant progress in addressing the infrastructure needs of schools at the basic level, so as to facilitate the smooth implementation of the F.CUBE Programme. 

In a span of 22 months, 22 new classroom blocks have been built in the district under the E.U Micro Projects and the Primary Education Rehabilitation projects programmes ( PERP) I am proud to mention that, the trust and confidence that exist between the government and its donor collaborators is having a positive reflection and impact on our development at the district level.


This year, while the E.U micro projects program is building 5 additional school infrastructure, the Department for International Development ( DFID ) in collaboration with the Assembly is constructing 20 classroom blocks in the district under the Education sector support program ( ESSP).

In addition, as a beneficiary of the HIPC relief package, the Assembly is constructing 5 more 3-unit classroom blocks in various Communities in the district. In all, 52 new school blocks will be completed by the end of this I wish to acknowledge further that, our collaboration with ActionAid Ghana is paying off as 2 schools i.e Fongo L/A Primary and Anglican Primary  which had their roofs ripped off last June by a rainstorm, were rehabilitated
with support Fund of 40 million from Action Aid.

40 young lady teachers have been recruited for the Rural Education Volunteer Programme, and have been provided with bicycles and other logistics to teach in rural communities in the district. A number of communities, including Nyagli, Zinye, Kpalnye and charie  were all assisted by the Assembly to rehabilitate their
community schools.

Even though our attention is particularly focused on the basic sector, the second cycle and tertiary institutions have not been left out. To encourage the girl child education as well as, whip up their interest in the study of Science subjects, the Assembly contributed (Z’20 million towards the organization of science Technology and
Mathematics Education ( STME) clinic for girls this year.

We also contributed (50 million as our initial support for the construction of UDS Campus in Wa. ¢40 million cedis was also provided by the Assembly to facilitate the speedy execution of VOTECH project, at the Wa Technical institute. 

We again stretched our hand to offer support for extracurricular programmes for our schools, by contributing about ¢12 million towards organization of sports in schools in the district. Between June 2001 and July 2002, the Assembly has provided 287 dual desks to a number of basic schools in the district at a total cost of ¢60 million.

  • Completion of 10-unit classroom blocks and procurement of 287 dual desk for schools at the cost of ¢509,212,000.00
  • On-going construction of 33-unit classroom blocks at the cost of ¢1,670,074,400.00
  • Renovation of 4 primary schools at the cost of ¢46,733,125.00
  • Contribution towards the construction of UDS campus at the cost of ¢50,000,000.00


Date Created : 11/17/2017 6:52:14 AM