List of Projects



The following development projects were executed by the Assembly in the last 22 months.

• 18 seater septic tank toilet at Mangu

• 18 seater septic tank toilet at Sandamuni

• Renovation of 2 bungalows for DCD&DDCD.

• The Assembly office block, in the course of the period was given a face - lift and provided with modem office equipment and furniture.Under the Local Government development programme particularly under Urban III, the construction of the Dondoli access road was completed. The final disposal site was completed, and landlords for the area were paid off.


The Wa industrial site has been property acquired and zoned to settle Artisans come next year. The rehabilitation of the Lorry Park was done and as you are aware, the vehicles have started operating from the station. While 320 market sheds were constructed under the urban III development package ¢ 30 market stores were also constructed under the E.U Micro Project last year.


The Assembly is to rehabilitate the 79 peripheral stores to give the market a modem outlook. Kulkpon, Bulenga, and Kundugu, are also being provided with market stalls under the E.U Micro project this year.


The construction and rehabilitation of our markets are intended to boast revenue, so that we can undertake more development projects. it is for this reason that, we have procured 6 motor cycles, 4 of which have been allocated to 4 Area councils to beef up their revenue mobilization ability. The Assembly is fortunate to be part of the Danish support to District Assemblies Programme ( DSDA ) under which 6 Area Councils were provided with motor cycles at the beginning of the programme.


The Danish support has further been decentralized to the sub- district level under the Economic development component of the DSDA programme. Each Area council in the district has been provided with ¢17 million to under take various development projects in their Areas.


Wa urban, Funsi and Vieri Area Councils have started the construction of warehouses for food storage in their communities. Wichiaw, Busa, Bulenga and Kperisi are constructing 10 market sheds each with their E.D.F money. Others including Boli, kpongu, and Ga have spent their monies on the construction of some feeder roads in their area.


Yet Dorimon, Bayiri and Boli have opted for grinding mills which have just been procured. All these projects are at advanced stages. Let me also mention that through the DSDA programmed the Assembly has now established a Data Base which can be used for plan and budget estimation without much difficulty.



1.On-going works on construction of market, market stores, offices,security metal gates and fence wall at the cost of ¢2,111,000,000.


2.Finished rehabilitation works on MCE’s bungalow and purchase of 3 steel cabinet for NJMA offices at ¢17,863,000.


3.Re-structuring of Registry, provision of curtains, refurbishment of Assembly Hall, partitioning of curtains of MCE’s secretariat, construction offence wall, capacity building for staff are on-going at NJMA at the cost of ¢221,071,000.


4.Assistance to community initiated projects, contribution towards activities and NID, promotion of investment opportunities in the region at the cost of ¢353,190,000 are on-going.


5.Provision of 2 photocopier machines, maintenance and repair of faulty machines completed at the cost of ¢40,000,000.


6.Work just started on a construction of 2 bedroom staff bungalow at a cost of ¢178,181,000.




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